Friday, October 23, 2009

TE time.

so homeboy with the 1200 has yet to reply to my email.

im gonna stop being so fickle and just stick with the 'rolla.

of course the Z is the main priority, so this will be kept very simple.

most likely i will keep the corolla at a "coilovers, bushings, wheels + tires, seat + wheel" kind of car. if the corolla survives long enough and after the Z is painted and half decent in terms of drivability, then i will go ahead and throw a KA or SR, maybe 3S and ill go ahead and do 4 link, heim joints and all that cute stuff.

i just want to have a car i can actually drive again.


s0apgun said...

hey man you should just dump all the money into the s30

make it streetable

Yuta Akaishi said...

oh dude, the S30 is very streetable.

i daily'd it for 6 months.

the budget for the corolla is seriously <$2000.

the reasons for the corolla are as follows:

i really NEED something to beat the shit out of on certain roads, and more importantly, drift.

the Z is kind of my personal street car, and i get kinda scared of some vietnamese chick rear ending it.

having the corolla as a daily is more or less an excuse to myself to build a beater car to slide around.

i think its okay for me to have two cars, i will NEVER sell off anything from the Z to fund this corolla.

thats kinda what im thinking.

turbo2 said...

can't go wrong with a 3sgte

Helmstarr said...


Do it!

- Daren

Yuta Akaishi said...

LOL i was thinking of the 3SGE from the nineties camry.

<$2000 remember?