Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm pretty juiced.

I really didn't expect so many people to like my car, its really surprising but at the same time its nice. it seems like every day i find a blog with my car on it. so yea, here are some links that i have found, If i am forgetting any please let me know!

please visit them!




world time attack

japanese nostalgic car part 1

japanese nostalgic car part 2

shakotan oscar

Racer 86

thanks guys!

some that i had missed:




Slide Asylum




Anonymous said...

Dont forget my blog:
Imagine how much coverage your gonna get when Linbergh shoots teh shit..Your ride has SOUL!!

Russell said...

If only I knew how to use this blog thingy...... Id post up for you... but.... yah... Kinda dont know how to use this yet...


Whats up with that corolla? did you pick it up?

Oscar said...

Your car is all over the Stanceworks forum too. Check in the Showroom subforum, it has it's own thread.

Anonymous said...

add me to the list LOL

Super Terrific said...

Your car is crazy man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was gonna post about it but everyone else was doing it:(. Congrats though man.

Unknown said...

Here's mine :) with your car ofcourse

Ruiz said...

Yuta, check Zilvia.
You just got a thread my bro.
You are really popular it seems!

Slappy said...

Dont me leave me out bro!

Helmstarr said...

I was going to throw up some of those pics as well, but I figured we'll meet up and take some snaps sometime soon...

Get at me!

- Daren

ilia said...

Your Z is the most fucking radical thing I've ever seen in my life. I wish to drift it somehow.

Luis Vega Jr. said...

got you on mine as well. keep up the work and love man. You got fans! lol