Thursday, February 25, 2010


so i need to identify this font.

the Speed Star Wheel.

anybody know?

or does anybody where i could get a better photo of that font so i can just have it vectored out?



Ruiz said...

It looks like it is from the "Brush Script" family. It very well may be just brush script. I notice that is a popular font amongst Japanese companies, teams, etc.

...but I am sure someone with more knowledge could better inform than myself.

today said...

Crop the picture to just show the letters. Upload to
might be tricky though since the letters aren't straight.

Anonymous said...

Or you can check these sites out. Kinda overwhelming to go through so many fonts... Whats it gonna be for anyways? New Decal?:-)

Eric said...


Jimmy said...

Rage Italic.

Tha Source said...

the 'Speed Star Wheel' part is in Brush Script...

i think the 'MKIII' part is that old western style font.