Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recap of the past week or so.

First off, does anybody read this shit? My page counter thing says roughly 150 views per day but nobody really comments. whats up guys?!

Things that happened recently.

Ron and I were working on his car when a cat got hit by a car in the middle of the road. We did everything we could to help it but i think a lung had been punctured by a a broken rib or collapsed from impact. We were really bummed out, so i called animal control so they could pick him up (he didnt have a collar) so we put him in the nicest cardboard box we had and i taped it up so other animals don't fuck with him.

Rest in peace cat. the tape came in super handy - Thanks Kenny!

I have been doing a LOT of driving/crashing haha.

The Z got hit and nobody had owned up to it yet. =[

Visited Justin at work.

Did a bunch of hanging out at Henry's house with Matt9000.

Hung out with Henry and Trinh some more, i think this is when we went to Henry's friend's shop to pic up some lower control arms. The corolla was about to run out of gas on the way home so we got off the freeway. We couldn't find a gas station and ended up taking the super long way back without ever finding gas haha. These people are ridiculously awesome. Going along with the "guest blog" fad, the following photos were taken by Trinh who commandeered my camera, i know this because well, i cant take photos of myself and because i don't wear dresses.

I am absolutely in love with my new wheels.

Henry and I have been taking photos and answering interview questions for a certain magazine, if they give me the OK ill post the photos up, if not i guess ill have to wait until the issue comes out in april to share then with you guys.


Last but not least i went to a club/louge for Val's birthday (yes, as you all know i hate those places, but yea it was worth it) here is a photo of Victoria and I.



henry! said...

this is my face

Ian said...

I can't wait to see the wheels on the Z.

14's>everything else

matt said...

oh shit i have pictures of those... ill upload later

hechtspeed said...

Good stuff. Sucks on your Z getting hit. Just wanted to say whawt's up, I got you on my google reader, so I read your stuff from here in Utah. ;) Can't wait to see them wheels on the Z.

john! said...

RIP Illest Cat. I read your posts. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

yuta i was expecting an essay, this is just a collaboration of picture.

Anonymous said...

I read this plenty. Even before the pics..... that sucked. But there's plent now. When is the Rolla gettin a 1uz in it.

Anonymous said...

this is a comment. more pictures, they make good fillers. AND MORE TE PICTURES ALREADY FUCK MAN. and do something awesome with the front bumper so i can copy you <3

s0apgun said...

so much sad and happy in one post




Unknown said...

So I started digging through your blog, kinda stalkin your 240. But by chance you didn't get rid of those 505's did you. I want those rims badly not to jock your steez or anything, but i m about to settle for some beat 504 meshes. But your size is utterly perfect. I hope you didn't get rid of them on hybrid....if you have time to email me that would be muchhh appreciated.