Friday, February 26, 2010

Work space

So a couple days ago The Room Mate and I went to go check out some TORTAs from the mexican bakery. pretty delicious. i also took the bolts out of my MKIIIs.

Today my younger brother and I went to the DMV to:

Register the EK to him.
Renew my registration on the Z.
Get an extension on the temp reg on the Rolla.
change my address.
apply for a Historical Vehicle plate.

all went well, we both got this nice asian lady who hella hooked it up, her name was Connie so if you guys are ever at the Santa Teresa DMV please be nice to her. And we filled out a comment card so hopefully she gets a raise.

Also, does anybody know what the deal is with the historic vehicle plate? I understand you can only drive the car like 1000 miles a year and to shows. Thats fine with me, but we couldnt figure out how much the annual registration was, anybody know?

Every since i was a kid i've always wanted my own garage. I've always been too poor to afford one so i made one. Its not awesome but i think its pretty nifty.


Anonymous said...

Hey Yuta..gotta question for you:You can register for a historical vehicle plate after how many years??..and when is a car a classic and become an antique..I have an '85 ra64 celica so i was just wondering..

SAFEGABE said...

IIRC, for historical plates your car needs to be absolutely bone stock. someone correct me if i'm wrong

Irish said...

I just helped set up that exact same tent-thing. With the homebrew walls-made-of-tarps-from-harbor-freight and all!

Unknown said...

your picture doesnt do the torta any justice.... this is alex btw

Anonymous said...

That is a sick garage. Any garage is cool. An good luck with the plate. Are you seriously only gonna drive the Z 1000 miles a year?