Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To do list.

This list is mostly for my own benefit so ill give you guys an awesome song to listen to. Fair trade.

fill antennae hole.
fill rear sidemarker holes.
fix dents.
repaint and realign rear panel.
repaint and realign flares.
block sand airdam and paint.
fix spoiler and paint.
strip paint off wheels.
get tires mounted.
order and install extended studs
order and install new lug nuts.


speaking of which.

i have 20 12x1.25 pitch Muteki SR48 lug nuts in great condition (they were on the car for maybe a week) in a black chrome color for sale - $40.

i need help as well. does anybody happen to how the knurl diameter of the studs on project kics spacers? i want to use 12x1.5 pitch studs on them. if somebody knows that would save me a bunch of time. thanks!


Ian said...

I'm so stoked to see these mkiii's on your car!!!!

Anonymous said...

lug nuts are sold!! I got your cash Yuta.