Friday, February 19, 2010


So i did i bit of cleaning up on the Z. mostly removal of surface rust.

here some pics of its current state.

My sweet audio setup.

pile of junk.

NEW (old) tires! Thank you wesley for these~
they are 195/60/14 old style Azenis RT615 and 205/55/14 Toyo RA-1s.

So if you guys enjoy the accompaniment of photos on my blog, please make sure to swing by Henry and Trinh's blogs to thank them for giving me this awesome camera!

On an unrelated note, today i was informed that there was a 280z at the pick 'n pull near my house. Ron and I rolled over to see if this was indeed true. Perhaps my quest for 280z hood would finally become a success. It didnt, but we found a 280zx with "NOT FOR YUTA" written on it! hahahaha that shit made it worth the drive.


s0apgun said...

lmao s30z sucks

henry! said...

hahah did matt write that?

Matej said...

You work too fast Yuta.

Anonymous said...

I will send you that picture tomorrow of the writing on the hood lol.

Private Runner said...

it looks good man. what color do you plan to paint it?

Benson Hsu said...

love your car! i have a picture of it on my desktop.