Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wheel Color.

I need suggestions.

so far i got:

Troy da titan (12:07:55 AM): Gold
Troy da titan (12:08:00 AM): With green lug nuts
a y u a dd i c t (12:08:12 AM): jesus christ
Troy da titan (12:08:12 AM): Gold for the honeys
Troy da titan (12:08:18 AM): Green for the money
a y u a dd i c t (12:08:23 AM): hahahahaha


drftwerks (12:08:19 AM): hahah get them "rusted"
a y u a dd i c t (12:08:27 AM): hahahaha
drftwerks (12:08:57 AM): just be like, i found these in the ocean

sweet ASS


matt said...

i want to sand them down then you can do a brake stand and i can throw half a dog into them , then we can jsut clear coat that

Yuta Akaishi said...

we should wait till i get the extended studs to do that.

Anonymous said...

Black rim with gold center

Anonymous said...

Yuta whats the final color for the car gonna be?

Unknown said...

the final color will be the original silver.

Anonymous said...

If it's gonna be silver I say........ Orange.

g e n k i said...

I thought the original colour way flowed well... maybe poweder the bolts and lugs gold or candy red or something whack haha

Anonymous said...

Orange or Sky blue. The black works too though.