Tuesday, January 27, 2009



corolla blows engine.
240sx blows engine.
civic brake line blows, on the freeway.
mimi's 240sx tire blows up, on the freeway

everything is blowing up.

i will leave you now to ponder this photograph of my car which i stole off of matt's blog.

Monday, January 19, 2009


i lied.

it wasn't just the headgasket.

shit is fucked.

need a new motor.

i think ill buy another KA.

so sick of this shit.

maybe ill just start making the civic cool instead.

haha jk.



so i need to get a new engine for the 240.
new tires and a pair of wheels for the civic
swap mimi's coupe to 5 speed.
fuck with fenders on the 240.
get sideskirts, bumpers, fenders for civic.
blah blah blah

Sunday, January 18, 2009


so i bought a civic today.

story goes:

my friend had a civic, i basically put it together for him over some time.

full suspension, everything is adjustable, sway bars, even poly bushings on all suspension components that dont have ball joints extended studs. GS-R brakes, SS braided lines, D15Y8, short shifter, cf hood, front and rear type r lips, etc etc.

it got stolen and when he got it back the fenders were kicked in, wheels and sound system were gone.

so he offered me a great deal and since i dont really care about audio in this car and plan on doing the 5 lug type r hubs anyways i bought it.

that is how the story goes of how i bought a honda.

i love it, handles awesome and is actually pretty quick too.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


so, turns out it was just the head gasket.

ha ha.

picking up a new head and justin has a headgasket.


so after all this is fixed ill post a huge blog with a bunch of pics from the LA trip as well as the new (kinda) 240.


for now here are a couple pics i stole from matt's blog since they are pics of my car haha.

for reference the D-max hood does not fit that terribly, usually...

so i had to raise my engine up about an inch-inchpointfive, because, well, to put it simply the ground was too high and my oil pan would have been resting on the asphalt, not too comforting.

anyways more on that later. got some shit to take care of.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

what i have been up to.

i went to LA for a bit.

came back.

corolla died.

oh no, get 240 running.

start work on 240.

wanted to get it running on/by my birthday.

got it to start.

finish it up.


drive it home.

halfway there.

motor blows.