Monday, September 28, 2009

took a couple photographs

during my lunch break at work.

here is where my car spends most of its time, in the parking lot at work. (when its not at Matt's house) haha.

they are not fancy or anything but at least they are not blurry.

and as you can see the airdam is not on the car at the moment, i hope to keep it in one piece at least until JCCS.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i got pics!

thanks to Mr. Ronald Meyers, i have a SD card reader now.

first things first, here we have the new rear lower control arms installed.

the old control arms got cut in half and recycled.

box of junk

putting together the front coilovers:

layed them out so i dont put shit on wrong haha

all on the car: (this was a serious bitch, getting all the old arms off)

got the cage in: (roll bar, but whatever, its actually a old OS Giken replica - i like the design)

my audio system is in:

horns are in:

rear flares are on (needed a tad bit more clearance, so here i am "pulling" the fiberglass out).

and a really shitty, blurry pic of the old piece. (im sure i can con henry into taking some nice pics haha)

and i thought this was cool, car hit 66,666 miles.

Friday, September 25, 2009

koreans again


they are crazy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

minor progress.

first of all:

this is for matt:

this is for mimi:

update on the car:

got the 15mm spacers on the front now, clears tie rod on the inside and flares on the outside. front flares are properly mounted. i preloaded the front springs more, and the car rides smoother and stiffer now.

also, modified the rear strut tower and coilover top hats to get a bunch more camber. hopefully with a bit of toe adjusting tomorrow i can get the flare to fit.

fitting 15x10 -10 (with 15mm spacer so et -25) front, and 15x11 -30 (no spacer) on stock ZG flares is definitely proving to be a huge challenge, i have never had so much trouble fitting wheels on a car. and i actually think nobody else has done it before, and i must say, the people who have not done it have much more common sense than i. ahaha.

hey, you know what would be nice right now?

fucking progress pics.

somebody buy me a SD card reader! haha.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

korean LOL

Sunday, September 20, 2009

another narrative update.

so the front coilovers and camber plates are in.

i used Justin's gas MIG, the first time i used a gas mig actually, ive been using flux core MIG for ever and tried out TIG but never MIG, turns out i forgot to turn the gas on so i was welding with no sheild whatsoever haha, i still managed to get it nice and strong but its definitely not pretty. tomorrow ill grind it down and use gas. ahahaha.

so my car is lower now.

i thought one inch of clearance and a half inch of clearance shouldn't be a huge difference, i mean its only 12.5 millimeters closer to the ground.


everything hits everything.

haha its great.

i think its time to raise up the engine again.

i HAVE been taking pics, i just need a SD card reader of some sort.

so ill post up a huge photo update someday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

i belive this is called a "throw back".

my S30 is now my favorite car past and present, however let's not forget the car that had my heart for so long...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

S30Z for sale or trade for song.

i want this song.

every day.

i wonder what i'm still doing in this country.


weaker update

tension rods in.
front lower control arms in.
rear lower control arms in.
roll center adjusters in.
tie rods in.
horns in.

coilovers and camber plates will have to wait until i source new spindles.

cage will go in as soon as im not lazy.

still need to cut more out of the quarter panels.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

weak update.

Wheels are on.
Flares are on.
air dam is on.
spoiler is on.
seat is in.
header and cat back are on.
steering wheel, hub extender, and hub adaptor are in.
cage is sitting in the box.
tie rods are sitting in the box.
rear lower control arms are sitting in the box.
front lower control arms are sitting in the box.
roll center adjusters are sitting in the box.
tension rods are sitting in the box.
camber plates are sitting in the box.
horn is sitting in its packaging.
canards/splitters are chilling.

i should finally have a full day of working on the car tomorrow, and i have a digital camera. the car is at russels house at the moment, and he graciously allowed me to drive his truck home.

so i hope i have pics and a cool update.

Monday, September 7, 2009

white girls and gang signs.

Mr. Justin is doing it big for jccs.

"suuuper straight" is what they would say to describe this.

i think some of you will understand how this is a huge deal.

some things that are so fundamentally crucial are not to be taken granted.

im talking about camber, if you didn't get it.

dope cars have lots of negative camber, 610 wagons come with a solid rear, Justin has a dope car.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

another small picture-less update.

the new fender, air dam and spoiler are on the car now.

i lost on an ebay auction for Q45 "gatling gun/revolver" projectors so that kinda sucks.

its russel's birthday today,so i went to a karaoke for the first time with them after work, it was pretty cool.

i hope the next update will include photos and cooler updates.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


seat is in.

airdam/flares/spoiler is in matt's garage.

worksaero/daimyo 330mm wood is in matt's garage. (apparently 260z steering hubs dont fit 240z -_-;;)

no major progress, hoping for some soon.

Friday, September 4, 2009

car updates

so i have decided to do one thing to my car a day before i go to work.

today i put my seat in.

i really need to get a camera.

but wait...

my girlfriend volunteered to allow me to use hers for the next month.

so the updates will have actual photographs now.

thanks Mimi!

here she is! (she says i never talk about her in my blog)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The list of crap accumulated grows.

Picked up today.

Aluminum Flywheel.
Centerforce II clutch.
6 to 1 header.
seat, rails, brackets.

and most importantly the train handle from japan. thanks to Mr. Misaki.

air dam, flares and spoiler should be in any day now.

Still waiting for my deck, speakers and angle mount pods.

(deck and speakers: Alpine media receiver and type s components)

the inline 45RMSx4 amp came in yesterday, and 4" pioneer coaxials from Davis.

Still need to order the adjustable front and rear arms, RCAs, tension rods and camber plates from T3 along with the tie rods and roll bar from zcarcustoms . but that should be done next week.

after that i just need to clean up the bumpers, fix all the dings and dents in the body and MAYBE get paint (unlikely however with less than a month before JCCS).

Lots of work to do, hopefully i can get in 4-5 hours before work every day and get this shit DONE!

haha, this is more of a rant than anything else, ill try to get pics of shit as i do it, however i do not have a digital camera so please bear with me.

ill throw in some pics i got off of websites just for fun.

but that's boring! pics of stuff on the car as early as next week and the 3rd week of September at the latest!

stay tuned! i know i cant wait!