Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Civic for sale!

I have a 1998 civic DX with a clean title. The car runs great, gets 30+ MPG and handles amazing, it is pretty heavily modified however reliability was a priority when modifing this car. I am selling it because of financial reasons and i have two other cars. please email me with any questions and offers at Youtaenomori@gmail.com. i will also be more than happy to send more photos.

D15B vtec.
clutch masters clutch and light weight flywheel.
AEM intake.
skunk 2 dual bend short throw shifter.
5000k HIDs
prothane full bushing kit (suspension, shifter, etc)
Sir front bumper
spoon replica carbon fiber lip
spoon replica carbon fiber spoiler.
Vis carbon fiber hood.
NRG 3 point strut bar.
NRG lower 4 point subframe brace.
Ground control front upper strut mounts.
H&R threaded height adjustable coilover:
greddy 10K spirngs (F)
PBM 8K springs (R)
Neuspeed sway bars.
ASR subframe brace.
GS-R brakes all around.
Omni power LCAs.
hawk hps brake pads all around.
power slot rotors (F)
ARP extended lug studs.
Blox extended lug nuts.
stainless steel brake lines
Enkei RPF1s 15x7 +35. (F)
Rota Slipstreams 15x6.5 +42 (R)
205/50/15 Falken Azenis RT-615s all around.
Si cluster
clarion deck with USB/AUX ports (ipod interface)
Pioneer coaxial speakers.
OMP corsica replica steering wheel.
Momo colapsible hub.
Prybar handle extended shift knob.
Razo over size pedals.
Bride Viox low max replica seat.
F1 spec rails and brackets.
Em racing quick release C-pillar bar.
Full interior.


Idle fluctuates when cold because of IACV, but runs perfectly when warm. the D15B is being run off a P28 ecu, if you were to get it reflashed with the P08 maps or if you got a throttle body off a del sel that would work as well.
Air bag tray is missing.

I am looking to get $5800 but no reasonable offer will be turned down, as a matter of fact im sure we can work something out.

thanks for looking.

here is the only photo i have at the moment but i will try to get some more asap.

Monday, April 27, 2009


So i purchased an S30. 1973 240z.

and look what I saw last night.

tripped me the fuck out.

proof haha

Thursday, April 23, 2009

i see the light.

The civic is for sale.

i need an S13.

if anybody knows of a STOCK, 91-93, white fastback please let me know.

if you are interested in the civic, its going for $5500 obo.

thank you.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

bullshit, nobody like the yuta here!

The S13 is officially gone.

Lucky towed it away yesterday, i think Matt got pics.

looking for a nice clean platform for my new project, some of you know what it is.

not to fret however, i am not wasting the money from the S13 on this stupid shit.

with that said, i am enjoying the civic very much, good comfortable vehicle. but man i cannot wait for the REAL project car to start. the sole intent of this new car will be the same as the S13s ive owned in the past.

Low (as fuck)
wide (as fuck)
loud (as fuck)

and introducing

fast (as fuck)

...i can hardly contain my excitement.