Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Sale, Work Bersalgios 18x10.5 -7, 18x12 -5. *Sold*


As donations have been really slowing down, and I am working on taking care of getting stickers out to people who did not receive them due to getting lost in the mail or having received wrong colors or quantities now, I am getting ready to start on the S30 in the next month as I put that on hold when we started the donation project, I finally have time to get back to my cars. So to start off I am putting my Work Bersaglios up for sale, I bought them a while back for my S13 but i really want to concentrate on finishing the S30. I am actually selling all my wheels and will be posting them up here in the near future (several sets of Advans, Regamasters, Kid's Racing). Anyways the wheels are 18x10.5 -7 and 18x12 -5, 5x114.3 and I am asking $2300. they definitely are not perfect as they are a older and discontinued model, there are small sections of the faces where the chrome is peeling and they have scratches on the lip from mounting and dismounting tires, they look like they can clear larger calipers. If you are interested please email me at yutaakaishi@gmail.com


Saturday, May 14, 2011

HBforJapan sticker spotted at Drift Muscle!

Thanks to my friend Alexi, it was brought to my attention that a HBforJapan sticker had made it on Speedhunters and more impressively on the Shino Kouba Levin. I am pretty damn excited about this!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Anonymous.


Oh hello there,

I just wanted to thank you for your comment. Your writing conveys such eloquence that it really impressed me, not to mention your common sense. If you are going to post as anonymous, there is literally nothing i can do for you, as i didn't receive any donations from "anonymous". To be honest nobody knows where your money is going, the plan is to give it directly to the Japanese Consulate General but i am still doing research on who is the best recipient of the money and contacting companies to see if they will match our donation. Oh and surely you meant "reply to over as thousand emails" when you wrote "reply to a simple email", now if you and I were the only people in the world (or even if you were the only person you donated) I'm sure we would have excellent communication. But fortunately that is not the case and we have many people to share this planet with, so please bear with me. I promise i will make a post when the money has left my hands. Oh, you were just interested in the stickers? Well then aside from telling you that you donated for the wrong reason let me share a statistic with you, according to google: 37% of mail sent out through the US Postal Service is lost. So perhaps the stickers i sent you fell into that category, I apologize for that and would love to send you replacements if you would only tell me who you are. As for answering emails, I am doing so to the best of my ability but I only have two hands and not very much free time, I do work (and believe it or not this project is not my job - if it was, well I would be homeless) and i do get tired, and when i get tired i tend to make mistakes. So i try to set aside as much time as possible when I am awake and well rested to process stickers and reply to emails. I appreciate your patience and i will do my best to reply to your email as soon as i can, whomever you may be.

P.s. It's a little redundant to write "Fuck Yuta" on my blog, a simple "Fuck you" would have sufficed.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Personal Use.

So as you guys know, my newly acquired vinyl cutter has seen not much else other than HBforJapan stickers. So last night after work, i decided to whip up something for myself. I made a few of these for some friends. I might make a couple tiny revisions to the design but I like them quite a bit for what they are, simple and fun.

Here is a photo of one on Erik's TE.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking to buy a set of Watanabes.

Hello everybody, It's been a while since i have made a post about my personal/car stuff, well for about four months now I have been looking for a set of Watanabe F8s in 16x6.5-7.5ish in 4x100 with a +40-45 offset in good condition with the original finish.

Something like this:


So if you or somebody you know is looking to get rid of a set, please shoot me an email at yutaakaishi@gmail.com.