Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow and plates and Shabu Shabu

So it snowed in Saratoga the other day, snow on nine, ridiculous. i hoped, however warily, that the snow would stick and i would get to snowboard somehow. obviously that is quite ridiculous and when i went up tonight it was raining and all the snow was obviously gone.

well here are some photos of the snow.

Mimi and the corolla


speaking of corolla, our new plates came in.

pretty nifty if you ask me. XD

we also checked out a shabu shabu restaurant, aptly named Shabuway. like subway but because of the shabu shabu they serve: Shabuway. har har har

The food was quite decent, the interior of the restaurant was nice and the service was mediocre but then again all the workers are good looking chinese/korean guys so all you ladies would enjoy the service, i think Mimi did, haha.

anyway, on to the photos accompanied with brief narration.


me shabu shabu ing

the awesome stuff that collected in the pot which we scooped out, fat and stuff i guess.

Mimi with her gyoza


fancy fans on ceiling.

Later that day we stopped by at Q-cup, met up with the Grayson and the Justin. We then migrated to Grayson's habitat where we played a variety of games such as 007: Goldeneye, Super smash Brothers, Gran Turismo HD, and Tekken. The latter game was dominated by Mimi, and we had no hope in beating her.

demonstration of Mimi dominating.

My efforts to not get dominated, in vain.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


The most economical way to travel the vast open waters.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Water pumping

So i replaced the water pump on the miata, which is for sale.

It's quite fucking ridiculous.

you need to remove the fucking timing belt because the tensioners are build into the water pump.


This car is ridiculous, removing LCAs to put coilovers in, doing a timing belt to replace water pump...ludicrous i tell you.

any how on to the pics.

"hey Mimi is this right?"

"no, you damn fool, trix are for kids, ask any racer, any real racer; ill do it myself"

"you know what, fuck the miata, im gonna work on the thirteen"

"wtf is Yuta thinking shits hella not low enough"

"at least the bay is clean now"

oh and on a side note, i crashed the corolla being a dumbass so if anybody knows of anybody who might have a sister who's grandmother's brother's wife's boyfriend might have a TE31 passenger side fender, let me know please.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Randy Moss' Escalade is my personal space heater (seriously)

So today at work, randy moss decided that since he is some kind of hotshot football player it would be okay for him to act like the king of the world.

The Hertz girl calls me, saying "one of our VIP guests decided to just leave his car in the parking lot instead of returning it properly" i went ahead and agreed to go look for it since it was dead as fuck anyways and it would allow a smoke break (har har). i found it, keys in the ignition and everything, a shiny new Cadillac Escalade with 8000 miles on the odo.

I filled out the paper work for it and like the good samaritan that i am, i...

...didn't return it right away.

Instead i decided to park it next to the valet stand with the engine on, blasting the heater so we wouldn't freeze to death...

...for about an hour.

when i decided i had used up enough of the gas that he would be charged for, i took the taxi driver and airport shuttle driver on a little tour of the outer facilities at the hotel.

then i promptly returned it.

pretty nice little car, 6 disc dvd changer, and comfy seats.

Hey Randy Moss, you're a douchbag. Oh and thanks for the Hot Tamales and Mentos dude!

ps. learn to use the parking gate, you press the big green button to get the ticket and that opens the gate "uhhhhh what green ticket?" you say? its the big green one right next to your face, bro.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"its hopeless"


another one.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alpine decks and san francisco

So i got bored the other day and painted my deck.

today i drove out to stockton to pick up some free wheels and tires (thanks Lucky!) it was an exceptionally pretty day.

then mimi got mad at me for taking photographs of her while she was on the phone.

then a photograph was taken of me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bn sports, D-max and Rezax

So work has been extremely slow lately and so ive requested working in the parking booth. I figured i might as well catch up on some reading, keep my brain at least marginally alive. So these pat two weeks ive read the Twilight series, no im not gay, i actually borrowed them from Matt Nine Thousand's mom. haha. well i must say they are quite the read, ive yet to come across such literature that is incredibly interesting and entertaining from the first page all the way till the end. I will stop now before i make myself sound more like a adolescent girl, but i recommend this series to anybody. um yea...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

no parking, any time.

so my 'rolla got towed today.


parked in a red zone, went outside, wasn't there, picked it up from the towing place.

cost me two hundred ninety fucking dollars.


went to russels house and our cars sat in the freshly fallen leaves.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Car update.

due to popular demand i will recap on the S13.

at the old car's peak:

swapped over the Subframe with R34 diff and aluminum bushings, front (S14) LCAs, knuckles and wheels. and also threw some Tein springs on my KTS coilovers (front) for maximum lowness, i also removed and replaced the spacer that goes between the upper spring perch and pillowball with a smaller one. rolled the fenders, threw some random shit on from the old car: hatch, D-max hood,tail lights, a window...

this is how it sits now...

then my solid motor mounts came in from touge factory, cool, i guess i can put the 'ol KA in there, after i clean the engine bay of course...

so now that i have this blog, i'll try to take more pics when i go to work on my car...

well please stay tuned for aero, overfenders and new wheels!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Du ma you got some nuoc mam?

So after a ridiculous day of work, i went home, picked up the Mimi, then went to Justins house to meet up with the senior citizens. first thing that caught my eye was Justin's vehicle.

looks pretty good with them wheels....anyways we went to a bar, apparently you have to be 21 to drink, since i am 19 and Mimi is 18 that didn't work out all that well...So instead we went to go eat some Korean food.