Friday, July 31, 2009

DC2 coilovers on the rear of S30.

this is how we do that.

here we have the integra DC2/ civic EG coilovers, damn shortest coilovers i could find.

then we cut the strut tube (too short - haha)

here we weld the lower coilover mount to the strut tube, (not pictured - we cut the coilover mount in half so the shock can fit into the strut tube)

test fitting the coilovers, everything seems to fit fine.

weld the funny thing all the way around then grind down the welds.

so we can slide this tube over the whole fucking assembly.

and here we have it. ride height and preload independently adjustable on my S30. oh and its currently at its highest setting, which puts the frame rails roughly 3/4 of an inch off the ground. i CANNOT wait to get the wheels on! (but in order to do that i need flares and LCAs...)

matt9000's cat, War Machine.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reasonable ride height.

The Z is finally at a reasonable height.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DC2 Integra coilovers on an S30

So when the S13 coilovers resulted in limited success I decided to try a different approach. I needed shorter smaller diameter struts that would fit inside the strut tube, I finally settled on DC2 coilovers and picked them up today, they are going in tomorrow so stay tuned.

coilover dilema


i have a slight issue, the coilovers that i am using at the current ride height are not functioning very properly. i have about 3" of travel and although they ride pretty smoothly, i am afraid they will blow very soon, and when taking corners hard they like to bottom out.

i am considering buying a set of miata coilovers or something similar.

two questions somebody may be able to answer.

what are the shortest coilovers? are they miata coilovers? perhaps S2000?

also, coilover construction.

the threaded damper part, is it all damper? or is there a chamber of nothing that i can just cut off?


the red area, an area that is not part of the shock, but is there to allow a wider range of height adjustability. does that kind of thing exist? the reason i ask this is because the piston is significantly shorter than the thread shock tube. i want to know but the only way i can imagine finding out is cutting into the shock - which can yeild all kinds of shitty results or taking the shock to an airport to xray it.

any help is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

S13 coilovers on S30!

so, i picked up a pair of kei office coilovers with swift springs for the front of my Z, and a pair of front cuscos for the rear, the cuscos did not work out so they are for sale. im looking for a pair of front S13 coilovers now, let me know!

on to the pics and captions.

here we can see the coilover and the stock strut for comparison.

here we see how much of the strut tube i cut.

here we fit the lower bracket from the coilover onto the strut tube for a test fit.


then i simply welded the lower mount to the strut tube.

my shitty welds. i need to get a gas mig.

here we show how i did the upper pillow ball mounts.

we drill a hole on the s13 mount without the use of the upper portion.

then we cut the hole in the strut tower a bit larger so the coilover mount will fit.

here it is on the car.

initial height.

after lowering.

i shall post full car shots after i get coilovers done in the rear, wheels on, LCAs to correct toe, flares and aero.

by the way these are the cuscos i have for sale, they are in great condition and would be great on a car if you dont care about being super low. i would like to trade for a pair of megan coilovers or the like.

Crows Zero

I was recommended this movie by Justin from Operation.

one of the best movies i have seen to date.

highly recommended.


tomorrow i will attempt to put S13 coilovers on the S30. "measurements" seem cool, i hope i am smarter than i think.

i pray tomorrow's blog will document a success and not a for sale ad for some kei office and cusco coilovers.

Friday, July 24, 2009

here we have

some useless shit, until i can get something interesting and car related posted.

Friday, July 17, 2009

wheels and internet

so i didn't have access to the internet for about 3 weeks.

and i painted my wheels.

took for-fucking-ever.

205/50/15 rt615
225/50/15 es100