Thursday, December 31, 2009

last post!

of 2009!

okay im gonna go out for a bit.

2010 should be an awesome year for me, and Heartbreaker as a whole!

i love all you guys, ya'll know who you are!

ill leave you guys with some Taylor Swift, listen to the lyrics - they are hilarious and she says a certain word! (hint: redneck ___________ )

haha. She really is an attractive young woman as well, i think she needs to write more songs about us.

Alignment and bodywork.

So today i aligned the front of the Z, just to get the caster and toe somewhat straight, just eyeballed it. The car wont fit on any alignment rack, i have tried a few (even corey's!). I have devised a new plan where i will use large diameter, high offset wheels along with notes on how much clearance i have outwards to get the car aligned properly, hopefully soon!

The majority of the day, however consisted of bodywork. Just the repetitive welding, grinding, sanding, filling of panels. so far i have the hood stripped down with the emblem holes welded shut and filled, and the hatch had some holes due to rust so those are also patched up along with the holes left by the emblem. So the wing is in kinda bad shape from where i kicked it, im considering leaving the wingless for a bit, but i am also digging some other spoiler styles as well - shit, i may just fix and keep the current one.

another interesting turn of events: My car was nominated for and won three categories in the "Speedhunters Awards". I am pretty juiced about that.

Most importantly, today Ron introduced me to something amazing: the McGriddle from MCdonalds! Its fucking delicious, and only a dollar. Brilliant!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

(late) Merry Christmas

The video is a bit old (2001), but timeless nonetheless.

In my option the best song ever written, by the greatest artist of all time.


had the day off so got some stuff done.

helped chauncey put coilovers on his RSX, and the alignment was FUCKED so i eyeballed it for him so he can actually drive it until he gets a real one.

and made ron's brake brackets out of acrylic to get the clearances and hole positions right, so he can get some machined. this is pretty exciting - if i get the okay from him ill be sharing the caliper/rotor information with you guys along with some pics. all i can say for now is that it barely fits behind a 19" wheel. pretty cool stuff.

i kinda forgot to work on the Z today, plus it rained. HOPEFULLY tomorrow!

okay, thats it for another narrative post.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Narrative update.

So i finally get to do some work on the Z this week.

im going to try and take care of all the bodywork over at rons house.

plans are:

fix all the dents (of course)
shave rear sidemarkers.
Shave antenna hole.
Shave Wiper holes.


Cowl slit things
C pillar Z emblems

im not sure, i guess ill see how i feel tomorrow.

i hope it doesn't rain!

i also gotta figure out what i need to do with the corolla's front suspension...
i definitely want to do manual 86 rack and steering column, so ill need the cross member but i wonder what knuckles would work best to get the most angle, 86 power steering ones, stock TE ones? also are the 86 brakes larger than TE ones, Phil and I were talking about this and we didnt really know haha, I NEED TO DO RESEARCH! and i will.

then i just gotta pick up some coilovers, weld the diff, maybe do some 4 link...

and try to con Justin into selling me those MKIIs (or find a pair of 14x8s)

this now concludes the most boring blog post.

P.S. Avatar is quite an awesome movie.

Its a Safegabe thing.

In recent times, one of the more popular trends is the PENGUIN. The aftermarket department for these things are huge, and I admire the amount of creativity that arise from people modding these up.

While PENGUINSs are surely interesting, ZEBRAS are much more my style and reign in the individuality department. Not to mention, having 500cc+ instead is definitely a plus. What is a ZEBRA? They are one of the earliest form of “Custom” motorcycles and hearken to a minimalistic approach. They share a few qualities with choppers, such as removing the front fenders and halving the rears; however, the front suspension is not crazy lengthened like on choppers. ZEBRAS can range from the usual Harley arrangements to 80’s Hondas. Builders strip the bike down to the bare frame and toss out the non-essentials, then start rebuilding. This is where the creativity part of the scheme comes in and really shines.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Justin's 610 on speedhunters.

photos by the one and only LINHBERGH.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LA, JCCS trip.

a pic from.

this was oct 3.


who wants to go watch avatar?


Monday, December 21, 2009

Gabe Says:

SafeGabe shows me a photo of a car, that his friend owns.

Gabe: You'd get a nosebleed in that car.
Yuta: from what?
Gabe: the altitude.
Yuta: ahahahaha.


I love

My car.

i cannot wait for coilovers and wheels.

i just want one pair of decent wheels.

like MKIIs. 14x8 MKIIs.


most awesome 14" wheels ever.

and like one pair of whatever wheels, Konigs or whatever.

or some shit.

somebody help me?

Justin just got a pair of 14x7 MKIIs.

so jealous.

but yea.

one more time.

oh and


just kidding i still love you more.

i guess Z is like wife material - i feel peaceful when i drive her and i feel the need to protect her, whereas the TE is more fun and crazy and i can just leave her handcuffed to the headboard and forget about her for a couple weeks...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

"You're the worst pirate i've ever heard of"

...But you have heard of me.


so apparently my car was nominated for a few speedhunters "_____ of the year" categories.

it would be cool if you guys could vote by leaving a comment on the articles below!


it would be ridiculous if i won three!

...hey, i can dream - leave me alone haha.

STANCE of the year

RAT of the year (i know my car isnt a rat rod but hey, whatever. =P)

RETRO MACHINE of the year

found this in Import Tuner:

the car is the same old same old, but i am saving up money - i cant wait to get a decent engine in there, get the body work done and get some paint!

and a photograph by Troy/Choi:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

drunk at henry's

its Trinh's (henry's girlfriend) birthday.

we ate and now im at his house.

drunk as usual.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

drunk again.

i never knew this was possible.

to care this much.


drunk at victoria's house.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Michi - Promise

this is quite an awesome song.

i believe we first heard it on a drifting video from the nori yarou blog.

then safegabe found the name of the artist and song, and ultimately this high quality video.



i know, that's not a word.

ive decided.

i want to daily this.

but thats not going to happen.

another impossible dream ive had for a while now goes something like this.


i probably wont be able to buy one for another 5 years, when im 25 i should have a decent job and insurance should be much cheaper.

but hey, maybe somebody wants to trade for my Z?


at least i can dream right?

new banner.

Thanks for all the banners guys!

for now i decided on the one Tim Zee made.

i like it because its so FUNKY.


I wanted to say that i really appreciate all the other ones, and i have saved them!

maybe i can use them as a sig on a forum or something if its okay with you guys?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

For Sale: S13 Silvia Front end.

Matt has a silvia front end for sale.

fiberglass 20mm fenders (unsure of the brand but they fit really well against the door and hood)
OEM hood, kinda beat up.
triple projector headlights.
smoked corner lights. (looks like d-max?)
silvia grill.

price and pics as soon as he lets me know.

For Sale: Work Varianza D3S

Ron has a set of REALLY CLEAN Work Varianza D3S in the sizes of:

19x9+9 A disk
19x10+13 O disk

they have less than 100 miles on them and have only minor scratches on them from tire mounting.

this is the same car with the same wheels that is on the Work Wheels USA website.

asking $2200 local pick up or $2300 shipped.

please feel free to ask any questions. thanks!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can somebody?

make me a cool banner?


blog post

SO i am posting this from the apple store at valley fair mall.

i just went to the bank of america across the street.

I'm waiting for Mimi's manager so i can pick up her paycheck for her.

the fucked up mess my checking account was is now much easier to manage. i was at -$210 due to overdraft fees i still do not believe i deserved, but i guess the third time's the charm because on this visit i got it down to -$59.45 which i just payed off, and had my account closed. So now i can concentrate on my credit card debts.

I guess i wont be needing to part out my car after all!

i really want to thank all you guys for the words of encouragement, all the guys i only know through the internet and Ron (who seems to know something about everything).

Speaking of Ron, he has a set of Work Varienzza D3S for sale in dope sizes so ill be posting those up tonight.

well i think Mimi's manager is probably here now so ill go look for him as soon as i change the wallpaper background on this computer. =P

Super Street!

i need to find an issue somewhere!


this is kinda cool, maybe my car can be in a Fast and Furious movie!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Parting out the S30!

In about a week i will be parting out the car, unless i can figure out another way to pay back my debts which aren't significant (around $1400) but its just going to get worse if i dont kill it now. anyhow.

I am also taking offers on the whole car as is!

the wheels and tires

HRE/Hayashi Racing 505s
15x10 -10 15x11 -30
205/50/15 Azenis
225/50/15 ES300s

taking offers.

Roll bar (OS Giken replica)


coilover set up

$800 plus trade for stock struts.

thats going to be it for now, if there is anything else in particular you guys want please let me know!


edit: just to clarify! im giving myself a week to try and sort stuff out before anything actually gets sold! AND this is not the end of this car, i am really only trying to sell one or two things just so i can get back on my feet financially. the reason for posting this is just so i can see if the offers i get will be worth it, and then make decisions accordingly!

Friday, December 4, 2009




Sunday, November 29, 2009

for sale!

i have some stuff for sale.

Brand new Alpinestars Tech 1-zx Homologated driving gloves. - $75 (retails for 139.95) i got these from the Hellaflush show but i really don't need them.

Brand new Dunlop SP sport tires 245/50/15. $75 for a pair.

these tires go for quite a bit more, but i got them with my wheels for a very good price and i really have no use for such large tires. looks like:

Used Centerforce 2 clutch and aluminum flywheel - $100.

ill get pics of these asap, i bought this for my Z but it looks like i wont be keeping the L24 so this is also for sale.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm not sure who took these but...

i am definitely digging them, if you are responsible for these dope photos please let me know!

Video from Hellaflush III

look what i found.

Hella Flush III from iPhilms on Vimeo.

you can see our cars in the begining and me walking to the thing at 3:37 lol.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanks Everybody!

I really cant get used to how popular the old Z has become in the past couple months!

thanks to motor mavens and speedhunters mostly.

some interesting facts:

the desktops Linhbergh made for the Speedhunters site have been downloaded 8905 times, and apparently still going.

the article on Speedhunters has recieved 146 comments, making it the most commented article on Speedhunters of all time.

the article on Motor Mavens has recieved 101 comments, making it also the most commented article on Motor Mavens.

This blog has received 11,535 views so far from 72 countries.

Its all kinda crazy for me, but its also very exciting!

I've been taking a bit of a break from the Z since JCCS, with no place to work on it and the cold weather i have yet to touch it with a wrench. When the weather starts warming up i hope i have enough money saved up so i can finally buy the new engine from Justin's friend and i will get the body work done so i can get it painted.

for now here are some cool photos from Edafe's site: we had the pleasure of meeting him at Hellaflush III. He is the owner of the white Z33 which has become quite famous recently as well.

This one:

OKAY. on to the photos!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

more pics from the internet!

Hellaflush thing.

So that meet was relatively fun.

i personally enjoyed the drive there the most.

everything went very smoothly, nobody broke anything which is always nice.

we also had our new vinyls on the cars which was cool.

We also won 3 awards out of i believe 9 so that was pretty sweet. Justin won the speedhunters choice award thing so he gets a feature and stuff, i guess that counts as best of show?

i dunno.

for some UNKNOWN reason our own Henry didn't bring his camera equipment so i guess we gotta wait for Linhbergh to post on speedhunters for fancy photos...

but here are some random pics i found online of our automobiles: