Saturday, October 31, 2009

no real updates...

well, i moved.

i could not afford living in a studio by myself anymore so i'm renting a room over at alex's now.

so naturally the Z has seen no progress, nor has the corolla.

here is a photo that i found on for your viewing pleasure. that blog is a goldmine of awesome!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

nice music.

Friday, October 23, 2009

random internet pics.

TE time.

so homeboy with the 1200 has yet to reply to my email.

im gonna stop being so fickle and just stick with the 'rolla.

of course the Z is the main priority, so this will be kept very simple.

most likely i will keep the corolla at a "coilovers, bushings, wheels + tires, seat + wheel" kind of car. if the corolla survives long enough and after the Z is painted and half decent in terms of drivability, then i will go ahead and throw a KA or SR, maybe 3S and ill go ahead and do 4 link, heim joints and all that cute stuff.

i just want to have a car i can actually drive again.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



i REALLY want a Sunny, always have and will until i finally get one.

ideally i would ditch the corolla and pick one up...

i found one for $500 but with HELLA rust.

it supposedly runs well, which is whats really important, as it will be my daily.

i dont know what to do...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

for sale 15x10 -20 smoothies.

a full set of 15x10 -20 "smoothies"
a full set of 80% tread DZ101s.
tires are already mounted on the wheels.

$450 for the set.

4x114.3 and 4x110.

so i guess they fit mustangs too.

Monday, October 19, 2009


(i really think i'm going to do my hood like that)


got these from Rob's blog: RIVERSIDE (more pics!)

so i was messing around with henry's camera...

took a photo of some kind of three way bro rape matt9000 created.

took a photo of my corolla and Henry.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

rolling shots and stuff!

So matt9000 took some rolling shots while we were cruising around southern california. check out his blog for more stuff!

it sucks that i didn't have the airdam on, but you never know what kind of crazy shit you will encounter in an unknown area, haha, like corey doing a brake stand under a overpass when we were stuck in traffic or henry changing 4 lanes over perpendicular from the road in front of a bunch of sherrifs! haha, oh not to mention my dumbass doing some funny stuff in the parking lot of the hotel and having to leave after the front desk lady called the cops.

on to the photos!

so i think you will see a variation of this photo on Motormavens or JNC but yea, corey showed up to check out the shoot and they made him join the photo! haha

Friday, October 16, 2009

hate threads.

dude, i actually think my car is famous now.

the reason being that there are hate threads on forums!

check 'em out~

well we all saw this one coming: HybridZ

this is a bit random: Vwvortex

as Ruiz pointed out, there is also a thread on Zilvia, and also Stanceworks (i believe oscar found that one) but the topic of todays post is hate threads, neither zilvia nor stanceworks hated enough. haha.

there are also a bunch of hate comments on some of the online publications that featured my car.

but don't worry guys, im not sad - nor am i cynical enough to enjoy the hate. but i must admit it does make for an interesting blog post today!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

haha picture.

I think Matt took this as we were leaving JCCS.

i was SO tired.

and dude, Pepsi is an American company right?

then why dont we get this? or Shiso Pepsi? here?

car related news:

registered the TE today.

im gonna start cleaning out the interior and shit...

i will leisurely save up money for coilovers...

i think russel and I are going to pick up a set of 14x7 0 SSR somethings (looks like open triangle star sharks), they will be on his wagon until IRS then onto the corolla.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Today the Z...

ran beautifully.

it was just on my way home from work, but it ran perfect today, took the long way home - stopped for gas and at the bank.

i don't know if it was the humidity or the temperature or a combination of both, but today i remembered why i drive and build this thing.

i forgot about how i can't go anywhere with that car, although its my daily driver; i forgot that i'm going homeless building it (if anybody has a room for rent in this area please let me know!); i forgot the fact that it needs so much more work, i forgot that i have to go to my bullshit job every day, i forgot about bills, rent, debt, i forgot about everything, everything but the car.

hopefully in the near future every day will be like this, when i'm financially secure, when the Z is fuel injected, when it has an actual alignment, when i figure out how to keep the police away (maybe a historic car plate?), when i'm building cars as a career...

but for now, today the Z ran beautifully.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm pretty juiced.

I really didn't expect so many people to like my car, its really surprising but at the same time its nice. it seems like every day i find a blog with my car on it. so yea, here are some links that i have found, If i am forgetting any please let me know!

please visit them!




world time attack

japanese nostalgic car part 1

japanese nostalgic car part 2

shakotan oscar

Racer 86

thanks guys!

some that i had missed:




Slide Asylum



Saturday, October 10, 2009

nut up or shut up

zombieland is a GREAT movie.

i saw it twice.


car related news:

got the TE72 corolla.

so im going to go ahead and start on this.

nothing crazy, im just sick of driving the Z every day.

ill just make some coilovers work on it.

pick up some wheels.

the plan is to keep it simple as a daily beater that i can also drive in the mountains.

im thinking KA but ill probably end up keeping the stock motor.

Friend's car: Justin's 610 Wagon

I am quite confident in saying that Justin of Operation owns the coolest 610 wagon in the world, guaranteed at least until Russel finishes his.

In case you didn't know: every Datsun 610 sold came equipped with a solid rear axle. Yea, it would blow my mind as well if i wasn't there as he was putting the IRS in, i even helped! although a minuscule amount...ahaha.

well here are some crappy photos and video Matt9000 and i took!

The man himself!:

Matt9000: "did you move the couches yet?"


just a video of Matt fucking around with the air:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thanks MotorMavens!

Thank you to Antonio at Motormavens for an awesome article and taking amazing photos of my car!

you can see the original article on Motormavens

here are some photos i especially liked from the article.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

this is just too crazy

this video is EVERYWHERE. but i just had to post it.

this is just ridiculous. i thought it was just a fluke but man, he gets the clip all perfect too??

too crazy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

more pics! (i'm a whore, i know)

more pics courtesy of Speedhunters.

i am totally whoring, i know...

but these guys make my car look so much better than it does in person!

i cannot wait till Antonio posts the photos he took on MotorMavens, he showed me a little preview on his camera and he is a genius!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Henry's Photos.

some photos Henry took on the drive there.

A couple more that Henry shot while our cars were being shot for a feature elsewhere.

we are back from JCCS.

I just got home from JCCS, after working for what felt like a straight week on the wagons, we threw in the white towel at midnight october 3rd. we figured having 3 of our cars at JCCS would be better than none at all. Luckily we made it right in time for the show and got in. the drive there has pretty bad, we all had like 3 hours of sleep and fucking exhausted. the drive back was a bit better but man, it took a toll on my car, the belt is squealing pretty bad now, i think its the water pump and i have a few new exhaust leaks. im super tired so ill go ahead and post a few photos i found on various sites. credit goes to Speedhunters and Japanese Nostalgic Car for the photos. thanks guys!