Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still in love with you.


Friday, February 26, 2010

oh hey.

[sarcasm] its going to fucking rain tomorrow. sweet ass. [/ sarcasm]

at least this made my life 1% happier.


the rain.


this shit is just ridiculous.

i swear to god ive been doing the same thing every day, i clean the same fucking panel every day and then it rains all over it. i put up a fucking tent, rain just comes in anyways. i need more tarp walls. whatever, fuck that wekfest show, theyre gonna get the same old rust nasty Z.

i got my wheels back, they look okay, but two of the tires were fucked so i gotta go to san bruno tomorrow to but another pair of tires.

i sure as FUCK hope it doesnt rain tomorrow.

P.S. i decided against that historic vehicle plate.

Work space

So a couple days ago The Room Mate and I went to go check out some TORTAs from the mexican bakery. pretty delicious. i also took the bolts out of my MKIIIs.

Today my younger brother and I went to the DMV to:

Register the EK to him.
Renew my registration on the Z.
Get an extension on the temp reg on the Rolla.
change my address.
apply for a Historical Vehicle plate.

all went well, we both got this nice asian lady who hella hooked it up, her name was Connie so if you guys are ever at the Santa Teresa DMV please be nice to her. And we filled out a comment card so hopefully she gets a raise.

Also, does anybody know what the deal is with the historic vehicle plate? I understand you can only drive the car like 1000 miles a year and to shows. Thats fine with me, but we couldnt figure out how much the annual registration was, anybody know?

Every since i was a kid i've always wanted my own garage. I've always been too poor to afford one so i made one. Its not awesome but i think its pretty nifty.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


so i need to identify this font.

the Speed Star Wheel.

anybody know?

or does anybody where i could get a better photo of that font so i can just have it vectored out?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I dropped off the...

wheels at the powder coat place today.

there was a very limited choice of colors, and to be honest i had not even made up my mind yet. im actually iffy about the color choice i made.

i'm more curious than excited about how they come out.

i guess ill find out in a couple days.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wheel Color.

I need suggestions.

so far i got:

Troy da titan (12:07:55 AM): Gold
Troy da titan (12:08:00 AM): With green lug nuts
a y u a dd i c t (12:08:12 AM): jesus christ
Troy da titan (12:08:12 AM): Gold for the honeys
Troy da titan (12:08:18 AM): Green for the money
a y u a dd i c t (12:08:23 AM): hahahahaha


drftwerks (12:08:19 AM): hahah get them "rusted"
a y u a dd i c t (12:08:27 AM): hahahaha
drftwerks (12:08:57 AM): just be like, i found these in the ocean

sweet ASS

Friday, February 19, 2010


So i did i bit of cleaning up on the Z. mostly removal of surface rust.

here some pics of its current state.

My sweet audio setup.

pile of junk.

NEW (old) tires! Thank you wesley for these~
they are 195/60/14 old style Azenis RT615 and 205/55/14 Toyo RA-1s.

So if you guys enjoy the accompaniment of photos on my blog, please make sure to swing by Henry and Trinh's blogs to thank them for giving me this awesome camera!

On an unrelated note, today i was informed that there was a 280z at the pick 'n pull near my house. Ron and I rolled over to see if this was indeed true. Perhaps my quest for 280z hood would finally become a success. It didnt, but we found a 280zx with "NOT FOR YUTA" written on it! hahahaha that shit made it worth the drive.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

more music.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To do list.

This list is mostly for my own benefit so ill give you guys an awesome song to listen to. Fair trade.

fill antennae hole.
fill rear sidemarker holes.
fix dents.
repaint and realign rear panel.
repaint and realign flares.
block sand airdam and paint.
fix spoiler and paint.
strip paint off wheels.
get tires mounted.
order and install extended studs
order and install new lug nuts.


speaking of which.

i have 20 12x1.25 pitch Muteki SR48 lug nuts in great condition (they were on the car for maybe a week) in a black chrome color for sale - $40.

i need help as well. does anybody happen to how the knurl diameter of the studs on project kics spacers? i want to use 12x1.5 pitch studs on them. if somebody knows that would save me a bunch of time. thanks!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


thanks SAFEGABE, this is a cool song.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Henry and I are matching.

oh and by the way. Who can help me meet this individual? (stolen video from kenny)

AnnConnollyIsAlmost18 from Ann Connolly on Vimeo.

Dear Persons who purchased a brown 280z hood from commercial pick and pull at 12:00pm today.


just kidding.

sell it to me please?

(to people not involved and therefore probably confused: i was at work when ron calls me and tells me a very clean 280z is at pick and pull and asks if i need anything, i immediately start yelling at him to get the hood..."GET THE MOTHER FUCKING HOOD! ill have somebody go pick it up with a truck or van GET THE MOTHER FUCKING HOOD!" so i call matt and tell him to go to pick and pull to get the hood for me, and then ron calls me to tell me that somebody had taken it within that minute or whatever.

i haven't been this sad since my rabbit died 6 years ago.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recap of the past week or so.

First off, does anybody read this shit? My page counter thing says roughly 150 views per day but nobody really comments. whats up guys?!

Things that happened recently.

Ron and I were working on his car when a cat got hit by a car in the middle of the road. We did everything we could to help it but i think a lung had been punctured by a a broken rib or collapsed from impact. We were really bummed out, so i called animal control so they could pick him up (he didnt have a collar) so we put him in the nicest cardboard box we had and i taped it up so other animals don't fuck with him.

Rest in peace cat. the tape came in super handy - Thanks Kenny!

I have been doing a LOT of driving/crashing haha.

The Z got hit and nobody had owned up to it yet. =[

Visited Justin at work.

Did a bunch of hanging out at Henry's house with Matt9000.

Hung out with Henry and Trinh some more, i think this is when we went to Henry's friend's shop to pic up some lower control arms. The corolla was about to run out of gas on the way home so we got off the freeway. We couldn't find a gas station and ended up taking the super long way back without ever finding gas haha. These people are ridiculously awesome. Going along with the "guest blog" fad, the following photos were taken by Trinh who commandeered my camera, i know this because well, i cant take photos of myself and because i don't wear dresses.

I am absolutely in love with my new wheels.

Henry and I have been taking photos and answering interview questions for a certain magazine, if they give me the OK ill post the photos up, if not i guess ill have to wait until the issue comes out in april to share then with you guys.


Last but not least i went to a club/louge for Val's birthday (yes, as you all know i hate those places, but yea it was worth it) here is a photo of Victoria and I.


2 weeks!

to get my bodywork done.

without a garage.

Stolen EK civic parts!

I just recovered the EK this morning. Missing parts include:

Cream colored SiR bumper
Carbon fiber spoon lip
Carbon fiber Vis hood
Bride knockoff seat
Long red prybar handle shift knob
Clarion deck
EM racing C pillar bar
blue blox lugnuts
pair of rota slipstream 15x6.5 +40

please keep an eye out for these parts! thanks!