Friday, December 19, 2008

Water pumping

So i replaced the water pump on the miata, which is for sale.

It's quite fucking ridiculous.

you need to remove the fucking timing belt because the tensioners are build into the water pump.


This car is ridiculous, removing LCAs to put coilovers in, doing a timing belt to replace water pump...ludicrous i tell you.

any how on to the pics.

"hey Mimi is this right?"

"no, you damn fool, trix are for kids, ask any racer, any real racer; ill do it myself"

"you know what, fuck the miata, im gonna work on the thirteen"

"wtf is Yuta thinking shits hella not low enough"

"at least the bay is clean now"

oh and on a side note, i crashed the corolla being a dumbass so if anybody knows of anybody who might have a sister who's grandmother's brother's wife's boyfriend might have a TE31 passenger side fender, let me know please.


s0apgun said...

needs more lower

nisco said...

Sorry to here about your Corolla..

On a brighter note nice to see the new hatch coming along nice.

pandapirates said...

I'm jealous u got the lady doing ur cleaning..

And..i believe theres a rolla in our junkyard but i wont be home for two weeks to check it out, but i may swing by and let you know if u really want it

Russell said...

Thats ultra awsome having that custom installed Garden hose through the Headlight! siiiiick! was that mimi's Idea?

Anonymous said...

shit is low son!

here's the performance options number in case you haven't gotten a new fender yet


ask for joey then ask if he has any special fenders. and drop my name so i sound hella cool and shit!

Ruiz said...

Hey, that 13 has no motor.
That isn't very safe, now is it?
Also, needs more Work Rezax.