Monday, May 17, 2010

Building shelves and shit.

So Alex (my roommate) and I went to home depot to buy some stuff to make shelves in his room.


and i had Alex shave my head for me, and he did the obligatory mohawk thing and took photos.


So Alex got this sweet camera from like 1985 but it shoots video, so i think im gonna incorporate a video into the blog as often as possibly.


Anonymous said...

I've been following this blog since I saw it in supa street...It's pretty damn entertaining...I'd rather check this out, than be forced to watch dancing with the stars or some shit.

Anonymous said...

Boiling crab? I wants.

Anonymous said...
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treeninja said...

your mohawk is hella crooked bro.
&i really need to improve my posture.
how cool would it be if i got one of those things that holds your spine upright? :D

s0apgun said...

your voice is quite sensual

+ street cred

Ruiz said...

s0ap is right :)

DaS said...

lemme get that the tv lol