Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello friends.

So i went ahead and put a Donate button on the blog. Yes i know, its kind of a bitch move but i cant keep making new photobucket accounts every time the bandwidth gets exceeded (like one a week!). So i went ahead and bought a pro account there. And who knows, maybe some millionaire dude might stumble across my blog and donate a bunch of money! haha.

Also, i would like to start making and selling stickers to try to fund this blog, please throw out ideas on what would not be hella gay. I mean, i really think it would be pretty lame to just make straight up vinyls, or even worse - haha right?

and some random cool photos.





TheSandMan491 said...

what about the outline of your Z with maybe a little detail in it, with "oh, you speak english?" underneath it? I have no idea. Some blog stickers are cool, but like Ra64 freddies for example weren't really. Like i love the guys blog, but the sticker just wasn't that cool. maybe hit up JDMEGO see if he can throw an idea your way? you blogger butt buddies gotta stick together and help each other out :)

akirony said...

how bout you put some of those doodles you draw on a sticker with the sandmans idea of "oh, you speak english?" on em. mite b nise.

Will Yu Are said...

An outline of a nut sack with the caption
written inside.

Yuta Akaishi said...

haha. i dont know!

Johannes said...

I think a simple "oh, you speak english" sticker would be cool...i'd like to throw it on my RS13 ;D