Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking for a utility vehicle/daily driver Pt. 2

So i'm pretty set on one of these guys. 93-97 Dodge Ram Van.


I think i will be taking out a loan once i get back from Chicago.

I need a daily and a cargo van will be perfect for what i need, plus they can be had for around $1500.


Anonymous said...

haha. i've always wanted to enter one of these in a car show. throw a mattress in the back, tape newspaper in the windows and spray paint "free candy" on the side.

best of show for sure!

sixsylinder said...

Youga Base! I've been talking to these guys about what goes into lowering the vans, etc. I'd love to see someone do one stateside.

Anonymous said...

That looks hard as nails dude.

dangle said...


Muhammad Bilal said...

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