Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hey Henry!

So i totally bit this from Henry's blog. When he did this.

So i tried it but with a slightly different genre.

Play them at the same time please!


Unknown said...


beto said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!thanks Yuta,you made my night.Dont want to sound like an ASS but its hard tp take this chick

Dick Whyte said...

I really like this - and I know its hard to take her seriously, and I know that this for the LULZ, but there is something else going on here too. There is a sweetness to your post, at least for me.

It makes me wonder why we feel okay judging people for the way they look. For the way they speak. I think it is a self defense mechanism, in the sense that because we have been hurt so often we hurt others in advance to ward off our demons.

Anyway - I got something out of this. I would call it art to some degree. So, yeah, thanks. It made me think and I like thinking.