Thursday, May 27, 2010

The cars.

So, last night i rolled June's fenders on his E46 M3 and his friend came over to swap wheels with him so now he's rolling on some 20x8/10 iforged somethings. haha. car looks cool and all. So i had this bright idea that i would take the Z out even though the radiator has like a hole in it and the battery wasn't working at all. I stole Amber's battery to start my car and hoped that it would charge my battery. it started, then overheated, so i filled it up with water. In the process of getting it out of the driveway i broke my airdam again which had already broke into two pieces previously, i ripped the many pieces of airdam still attached to my car and drove maybe 10 feet where it died. haha. I guess the battery wasn't working at all and so i was running on straight alternator without the battery acting as a capacitor. We pushed back into the driveway which was quite a spectacle to behold i imagine, we had to get a running start from like 20 yards away and just smash into the driveway, it was horrible. anyhow i decided "fuck it" and just hopped into June's car. I hate that old fucking car so much (only a little).

So i guess ill have to pick up a new battery. I really need to make some kind of quick release mechanism shit for the air dam so i can actually get around.

On brighter news my aero is now blue and hairy. I decided i would just go ahead and rattle can that shit since we probably wont be painting our cars for a couple months, ME, Justin, Bryon and Matt all have inoperable cars at the moment (i guess Justin's wagon and my Z are technically operational but im talking about his S13 and my SC300). ANYWAYS i started painting it in the tent in our backyard. I also found out that the trees emit this sort of SHIT that looks just like 5-6mm long hair. so my aero is now hairy but blue, and some of the paint wrinkled for whatever reason.

In other news i cleaned up the backyard, and started on tubbing the rear wheel wells on the SC when it started raining. I officially hate my life and i hella miss driving, i cant wait to smash up my hairy aero.

Ill post pics later or something.



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Only Miso said...

dont worry about it, there must be days when you step into every shit on your way, if not, it wont be life... or something like that

Anonymous said...

get on that ducati baller, DZUS fastener steez.