Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alignment and bodywork.

So today i aligned the front of the Z, just to get the caster and toe somewhat straight, just eyeballed it. The car wont fit on any alignment rack, i have tried a few (even corey's!). I have devised a new plan where i will use large diameter, high offset wheels along with notes on how much clearance i have outwards to get the car aligned properly, hopefully soon!

The majority of the day, however consisted of bodywork. Just the repetitive welding, grinding, sanding, filling of panels. so far i have the hood stripped down with the emblem holes welded shut and filled, and the hatch had some holes due to rust so those are also patched up along with the holes left by the emblem. So the wing is in kinda bad shape from where i kicked it, im considering leaving the wingless for a bit, but i am also digging some other spoiler styles as well - shit, i may just fix and keep the current one.

another interesting turn of events: My car was nominated for and won three categories in the "Speedhunters Awards". I am pretty juiced about that.

Most importantly, today Ron introduced me to something amazing: the McGriddle from MCdonalds! Its fucking delicious, and only a dollar. Brilliant!


Porterhausen said...

Try to find a shop with an optical alignment rack, with those nothing needs to go under the car, so it can be done on perfectly flat ground. What I had to do it my S13.

Justin Olson said...
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Justin Olson said...

Cut the floor out and raise it so that you can drive your car at the ride height you have it set at.

Here's what I'm doing on mine: