Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Narrative update.

So i finally get to do some work on the Z this week.

im going to try and take care of all the bodywork over at rons house.

plans are:

fix all the dents (of course)
shave rear sidemarkers.
Shave antenna hole.
Shave Wiper holes.


Cowl slit things
C pillar Z emblems

im not sure, i guess ill see how i feel tomorrow.

i hope it doesn't rain!

i also gotta figure out what i need to do with the corolla's front suspension...
i definitely want to do manual 86 rack and steering column, so ill need the cross member but i wonder what knuckles would work best to get the most angle, 86 power steering ones, stock TE ones? also are the 86 brakes larger than TE ones, Phil and I were talking about this and we didnt really know haha, I NEED TO DO RESEARCH! and i will.

then i just gotta pick up some coilovers, weld the diff, maybe do some 4 link...

and try to con Justin into selling me those MKIIs (or find a pair of 14x8s)

this now concludes the most boring blog post.

P.S. Avatar is quite an awesome movie.


BKH808 said...

Are you keeping the 3tc or going with a 4ag? If you want to keep the 3tc your going to have the make some kind of mount for the T series motor. You could use the AE72 '83 corolla steering colmun that bolts right with the AE72 manual rack. I have a TE72 my self but currently doing a 4ag swap which I am using the AE86 Steering column, AW11 Manual rack, All GTS wiring and definelty using PS AE86 knuckles with angle spacers for max angle! AE86 brakes are bigger than the TE72 ones plus the whole strut assembly bolt right in.

Hit me up on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/BKH808

Yuta Akaishi said...

i am actually swapping in a KA24 so i will be cutting up the crossmember either way. i just think it will be nice to have the steering rack mounts already there hence using the 86 rack. basically just gathering parts right now as i kinda have to do everything at once (cant weld on coilovers until i decide what strut assemblies to use, and cant start on the crossmember until i have the KA and all the steering stuff). I will be doing LOTS of research as well, but i gather that using 86 PS knuckles will give me the most angle. thanks!

BKH808 said...

Ka24, would have never expected haha. Keep a build update!

Anonymous said...

Try fitting in an s13 front axle to the corolla.. thats the maximum angle you can get..