Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Its a Safegabe thing.

In recent times, one of the more popular trends is the PENGUIN. The aftermarket department for these things are huge, and I admire the amount of creativity that arise from people modding these up.

While PENGUINSs are surely interesting, ZEBRAS are much more my style and reign in the individuality department. Not to mention, having 500cc+ instead is definitely a plus. What is a ZEBRA? They are one of the earliest form of “Custom” motorcycles and hearken to a minimalistic approach. They share a few qualities with choppers, such as removing the front fenders and halving the rears; however, the front suspension is not crazy lengthened like on choppers. ZEBRAS can range from the usual Harley arrangements to 80’s Hondas. Builders strip the bike down to the bare frame and toss out the non-essentials, then start rebuilding. This is where the creativity part of the scheme comes in and really shines.


Anonymous said...

Wait what? Any idiot who writes like that about stupid trends and shit like that should be dick slapped.

I do like penguins though.

SAFEGABE said...

its a grandmighty thing