Monday, December 7, 2009

Parting out the S30!

In about a week i will be parting out the car, unless i can figure out another way to pay back my debts which aren't significant (around $1400) but its just going to get worse if i dont kill it now. anyhow.

I am also taking offers on the whole car as is!

the wheels and tires

HRE/Hayashi Racing 505s
15x10 -10 15x11 -30
205/50/15 Azenis
225/50/15 ES300s

taking offers.

Roll bar (OS Giken replica)


coilover set up

$800 plus trade for stock struts.

thats going to be it for now, if there is anything else in particular you guys want please let me know!


edit: just to clarify! im giving myself a week to try and sort stuff out before anything actually gets sold! AND this is not the end of this car, i am really only trying to sell one or two things just so i can get back on my feet financially. the reason for posting this is just so i can see if the offers i get will be worth it, and then make decisions accordingly!


Anonymous said...

Ahh Yuta. Man I wish I could help you out. Please whatever you do, don't sell those wheels. You will regret it man. Stay in there, you will get through all the bs man. I'm going through some financial shit right now and it's not joke.

Oscar said...

This makes me sad, Yuta. I wish I had money to buy some of these items so the legend can live on.

Irish said...

Seriously Yuta, email me. or

I'm right near you, and I'm interested... in the whole thing. Let's talk. You haven't replied to me yet, but you sound pretty serious to me about this one, so get back to me.

Ian said...

ahh, man. times may be tough but you've got a car thats inspired so many. you gotta try to stay with it! its not just the car, its your style, your character, how its poured into the fine piece of machinery. Its sad to hear man...

SAFEGABE said...

get that dually

Irish said...

Well, it's good to hear that you aren't definitely getting rid of it, and I wish you the best for holding it all together. I definitely know how hard it can be.

Dalton Bedore said...

Hey man I don't even know you I just know your car from Speedhunters. I just got laid off but my car will be the very last thing I try to get money out of. Your Z is one-of-a-kind. Believe me I've lost a fair amount of great cars (to me- a '88 Porsche 944S, '71 914, '84 Z31) to debt and I regret ever letting them go! hang in there man.

Anonymous said...

dont sell the car, think positively and things will work for you.

pick up a second job at a restaurant and pay it off little by little.

call debt counseling and let them help you pay it back in smal installments.

you're my hero T_T

jzxxx said...

Sucks about your situation, I'm pretty much in the same boat. How did you manage to talk your overdraft fees down? I've tried with no success at BofA...

Also, can I try out one of your 15x10 Hayashis, haha? I want to see how much I can fit under stock metal since it seems like I still have room with a 15x8 -27.

Brandon said...


im 17 have a 78 280z, and have a project car. and i am trying to set up a z just like yours, although i dont want to copy what you got going on. ive been looking for those 505s forever. do you know where i can get a set at? i dont think i could bring it to myself to help with the parting of your beautiful car. please email me at if you know where i should look.. thanks so much! ive been following this z for months!

Anonymous said...

Are you interested in selling the grab handle that you have on the tow hook?

Email me at

Vintage Skylines said...

Check your email Ive sent you an email.