Saturday, August 28, 2010

Don't ask.

But if you know, you're cool.

I'm putting this up here for the sole reason of immortalizing this fictional conversation between some dude named Yuta and some girl he will be hitting on when he moves to Japan.

yuta: "hey girl, wassuu~p!! ocha shinaa~i??"
girl: "uwaa~, kuruma kokkoiii~♥ !! eigo to nihongo mo hanaseru nooo~...yada~!! bango choooda~i!!"
yuta: "he kite bango ageru ze!!"
girl: "ufu...yada...yuta kocchi oide!"
yuta: "iiya iiya...kocchi kite, i wanna see you walk here baby.."
girl: "...nande kuruma kara denai no?"
yuta: "iikara iikara!!!...kocchi oide! don't question me woman!!"...

hahahahaha...and scene...hahaha!!

Juju should really write a book!

and not in invisible ink!

This post contains wayyyy too many inside jokes.

Ill conclude it by posting the most beautiful dude you will see in Japan.



LA said...


Ruiz said...

He looks like a male model nowadays.
I Wonder how he gets his hair to look so nice...(?)

trevor mcmahon said...

Haha, don't you get it, bitch you come here. So, yuta got cocky I see. Haha, I love it.

pandapirates said...

Haha Juju's convo is hilarious, mostly because I can hear exactly how she would say it lol

Also you guys are crazy with this model stuff, but I would be hella stoked if it happened I must admit haha

Paula B said...

Awesome bllog you have here