Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Morning, Japan Day Two, Part One.

Woke up around 8am today, Seems like jet-lag won't be an issue, but Im fairly certain my mother opted for the slowest internet connection available in Japan...

I love my mother.



Right outside the front door.


The street outside.


Insert Z here? heh heh.



Mark Arcenal said...

I like how she left you 20 bucks.

xonix_digital said...

What is that black thing? A thumb drive? lol

Ruiz said...

I'm so happy Ronald M. let you borrow his nice camera.
The pix look real good.

...loving the posts Yuta, please keep 'em up :)

Retro Boy G said...


pandapirates said...

Don't forget to drink your water ! lol

Dude your Daikoku post is so funny because I am there all the time, my friends were sliding the last weekend so the might have beent here when u were, but I dont see them in the pics so maybe it was a different day :/

ni said...

Aww, thats nice of your mom.
My grandma used to leave me notes when I would sleep in (almost everyday lol) I really wish I could go back too... Have fun man.