Friday, August 27, 2010

A night out in Yokohama.

Today Brian and I walked for like six miles and took a gazillion trains to try to find him a suitable scooter, he brought me along so i could "translate" which really means i was chatting it up with the people working at the shops, not to mention Brian had no problem communicating with them himself. We then were picked up by Juju and switched over to LA's car and went out to look for some drifting. We the met up with their good friend Yubo (yes, The Yubo). Brian and I rode in LA's car while he did some drifting, Ran around from cops and hung out at combinis (with cops). I left my camera at home so all i have are these two photos i had to steal from Yubo's blog (sorry!).


I am seriously gonna look for any old job out here and move out here as soon as possible.

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