Sunday, August 22, 2010

This past week.

I haven't been home for a few days now so i was unable to blog, I have like a gazillion photos to sort through and upload so ill leave you with five for now. I took this series of photos at Ebisu Drift Matsuri, and i have plenty more on the way!

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Lowney said...

you should make bubble icons for yuya

Kame Kaze said...

That course at Ebisu is dope. We stuck little watterbottles in the wall there and watched my buddies smack them off in the middle of the night!

LA said...

I like how Yuya backed away as the pictures progress... like the car was gonna come through the wall LOL

Anonymous said...

Sweet gif, he got pretty close. Cant wait for more updates on matsuri

Ruiz said...

Coolest GIF thing ever.
Lots of stuff going on