Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SC300 for sale.

I am selling my SC300 which requires minimal work for it to be drivable.

The car was bought with a blown engine, which i replaced with a 2JZGE out of a GS300 and W58 5 speed transmission, everything works properly.


Bmagic Vertex knockoff aero.
Powered by max coilovers.
Powered by max subframe collars.
SSR A-dish wheels 18x10 +7(high disk) 18x11 -7(low disk)
NRG short hub replica.
T3 hub extender.
OMP corsica replica steering wheel.
Alpine head unit.
Koyo Radiator.
LS400 front brakes.
prothane FLCA bushings, FUCA bushings (not installed)
Centerforce stage 2 clutch
welded diff.

Front lower control arm bushing sleeves ($150 - and i will provide link to purchase)
exhaust needs to be extended (modified downpipe for clearance)
subframe collars to be milled (they were meant for soarer subframe, slight difference with SC300 subframe)
driver's side headlight.

I will explain everything that needs to be done in detail to potential buyers.

$5500 as is.
$3000 without wheels and coilovers.
possible parting out:
$900 for coilovers + your stock suspension.
$1700 for wheels.

please feel free to email me at with any questions.


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Lowney said...

i hope you have another project in mind.